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TUK TUK PH spreading the love of Tuk Tuks in the Philippines

The Tuk Tuk has become an icon in India and Sri Lanka and is loved by tourists from all over the world.

Piaggio produced the first Tuk Tuks in Italy in 1948 and it was advertised as the Vespa car. It was an ideal vehicle for the narrow streets of Italy.

In 1959 Bajaj Auto started to build the Piaggio Ape in India and so started the love of the Tuk Tuk in India. It was regarded as the ideal vehicle to use as a taxi in the overcrowded cities of India.

90 years on and after much improvement the Tuk Tuk is still used as a taxi in India and is still the fastest way to cross the overcrowded cities.

Later Bajaj Started to make there own Tuk Tuks and have gone on to be the number one maker of Tuk Tuks in the world.

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It has taken a long time for the Tuk Tuk to arrive in the Philippines but 3 years ago they finally arrived.

Tuk Tuk PH believes that the Tuk Tuk is an ideal vehicle for the Philippines as it is tough enough to go anywhere and small enough to get through the congested streets.

We also believe it could be the answer to a lot of traffic problems as it has such a small footprint on the road. Hopefully, they will allow it to be used as a taxi as it is in many other countries.

There is a fantastic community building up with Tuk Tuk owners in the Philippines and they are forming clubs, holding meetups, and going on runs together. We have made some friends with some really nice people because of Tuk Tuks.

At Tuk Tuk PH we believe the way forward for the Tuk Tuk is to promote safe driving so we gain the respect of the public, so from time to time, we will publish videos promoting safe driving and the correct way to drive.

Tagaytay is the capital of Tuk Tuks in the Philippines and the tourists love them and comment how much they enjoy having a tour of Tagaytay by Tuk Tuk.

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