Tuk Tuk showroom

About Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers

Our passion for Tuk Tuks started over 40 years ago when we saw a Lambo three-wheeler fire engine at a scooter rally in Southend, England.

When the Tuk Tuk arrived in the Philippines we quickly become known as one of the leading authorises on three-wheelers in the country. We spent a lot of time researching laws that were affecting the three-wheeler community and helping them fight for their rights. Firstly on a website we were running which was really designed for British ex-pats. Because we had so much to write about the Tuk Tuk we started another website dedicated to the Tuk Tuk, that site being Tuk Tuk PH. We also set up a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel under the same name.

The three major manufactures of Indian built 3 wheelers started to take notice because we had become a major influence in the country, with the result all three of them offering us a chance to become a dealer.

At first, we were not really interested but we decided we could do more to help the owners of Tuk Tuks with the legal side if we were dealers, we also believed the buyers were not getting the level of customer service that they would get in other countries, so we become a dealer for TVS so we could address the above.

Why we choose TVS was firstly we liked the attitude of the company and secondly after testing all three of the main players in the market we believe the TVS King to be the best on the market.

We strongly believe in giving the the standard of service and aftercare car buyers in Europe get. We want to pass our passion and knowledge of the Tuk Tuk on to our customers.