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At Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers Parts and Services Corp. we are a TVS Dealer that likes to do things differently and for good reason. Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers has its roots 10,810 km away in Europe and it is the values of customer service that Europe is renowned for that we bring to the Philippines.

In Europe when you walk into a Motorcycle or car dealer you are always struck by how big the parts department is and the same is true for Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers.

The TVS Dealer with a Difference

At Tuk Tuk 3 Wheelers we really do put customers first and take care of their needs that is why we have such a huge selection of parts. We truly are a TVS Dealer with a Difference.

Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers become a TVS Dealer in March 2020 but the history of how this happened stretches back over 40 Years.

40 years and 5 months before we become a TVS Dealer we saw a Tuk Tuk for the first time in Southend, Essex UK and our passion for them begun and it was that which 40 years later saw us become a TVS Dealer. So if you are looking for a Tuk Tuk for sale Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers is a good first choice.

We also had 30 years in Europe dealing with the Logistics of most of the major auto manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda, Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen to name just a few. It was from this that we learnt how important parts getting parts to customers on time is.

It is because of our long time passion for Tuk Tuks and our experience in automotive parts logistics that we have quickly got a name for being the number one place to go to for TVS parts.

At first we just intended to be a TVS three-wheeler dealer but when the TVS motorcycle community saw what Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers were doing for the TVS King they started to beg us to do thee same for them. So now we stock parts for the TVS King and TVS Dazz. Soon we will be stocking parts for the TVS Neo, XL100 and Apache Motorcycles. So we can bring European style Customer Service to all TVS Riders.

TVS King price in the Philippines

For TVS King Price in The Philippines plese visit our TVS King for Sale page.

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Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers

TVS Dealer
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TVS has has four manufacturing plants, they are at Hosur, Mysore, Nalagarth in India and Karawang in Indonesia.

The company sells more than 3 million motorcycles a year and has the capacity to increases production to 4.9 million. TVS also produce 120 thousand Three-Wheelers annually.

TVS Motor Company is the third largest motorcycle manufacture in India and they have a r$2.9 billion annual revenue.

The company exports to over 60 countries and is the second largest exporter in India.

Many ask what TVS stands for and many think it stands for Trust, Value and Service, while it is true that TVS is well know for them things the truth is the Name comes from the founder whose name was Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar.

TVS was formed in 1911 as a bus company and it is interesting that Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers roots are very similar to TVS in the fact they were both in Transportation. TVS soon had a large fleet of trucks and buses and went under the name Southern Roadways.

While the Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers come about by a tie-up between TVS and a British Owner it was by no means the first time TVS tied up with the British.

In 1962 TVS collaboratied with Clayton Dewandre Holding a British company to form Sundaram Clayton which set up a plant in India where they manufactured exhausts, compressors, brakes, and many other vehicle parts.

Another link to Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers is the founder of Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers often shipped parts from Clayton Holdings in Hull United Kingdom to Europe.

In 1976 Sundaram Clayton started to make Mopeds and in 1980 they made history when they produced the TVS 50 which was India’s first 2 seater moped.

In 1978 Sundaram Clayton Ltd and Suzuki Motor Corporation, went into a technical collaboration and in 1989 they produced their first Motorcycle.

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