berliner elektromobilfabrik

Berliner Elektromobilfabrik Three-Wheeler

The Berliner Elektromobilfabrik translated into English means Berlin electromobile factory. It was an electric Three-Wheeled Vehicle. The Berliner Elektromobilfabrik is, without doubt, one of the hardest researches we have done into three-wheeled vehicles. The reason it was so difficult was we found a reference to a German-made three-wheeler called the BEF, but research into the …

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three-wheeler steering responsive

Three-Wheeler Steering is more Responsive than Four-Wheelers

Three-Wheeler Steering Shock Findings Sadly three-wheelers have a bad name that they do not deserve, this mainly comes about because of jokes about the Reliant, the truth however is the steering on a three-wheeler is far more responsive than on a four-wheeler. Steering Response Time To discover why the steering is more responsive on a …

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