tvs dazz nut front brake cable adjuster

TVS Dazz Front Brake Cable Adjuster Nut


Genuine TVS Dazz Motorcycle Nut Front Brake Cable Adjuster Part Number: 334268

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Genuine TVS Dazz Front Brake Cable Adjuster Nut


TVS Dazz 110 Nut Front Brake Cable Adjuster TVS Dazz Scooter

TVS Dazz Nut Front Brake Cable Adjuster GENUINE TVS PARTS from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers.


tvs dazz front brake cable adjuster nut

Correct adjustment of the brakes is very important even more so with the front brake. If it is too sharp it could cause the front wheel to lock up and that almost always results in the rider finding himself falling off.

If the adjustment is too soft you could find yourself having problems stopping that could result in you rear-ending the vehicle in front, a type of accident that is always the fault of the person behind and one that can leave you with huge bills for damage and even hospital fees.

If you are not sure how to adjust your brakes correctly contact Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers to get one of our mechanics to adust them.

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