tvs dazz muffler guard

TVS Dazz Muffler Guard Genuine TVS Part K6220910

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Genuine TVS Dazz Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler Guard

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Genuine TVS Dazz Muffler Guard TVS Dazz GENUINE PARTS

TVS Dazz Muffler Guard  TVS Dazz Scooter

TVS Dazz 110 Exhaust Muffler Guard  GENUINE TVS PARTS from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers.

Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers Parts and Services Corp. is an Authorised TVS Dealer.


tvs dazz muffler guard
TVS Dazz Muffler Guard

A muffler guard is important to protect the rider and the passenger from the extreme heat of the muffler. It can also protect pedestrians in the event of an accident.
While a lot of the time the muffler on a small motorcycle does not get that hot there are times like on a long fast run or when stuck in traffic a huge amount of heat can build up in the muffler.

A Muffler can reach temperatures of between 148 and 260 degrees celsius. Remember water boils at 100 degrees celsius. So you can see why it is important to have some type of guard to avoid touching it,

If there is no muffler guard on the muffler you can get very nasty burns from touching it. I have seen many people with burns from muffler burns many of them have been left with scars for life. Mainly these burns are on the legs, Ok a scar on the leg might not be tragic for a man but for a woman it can be life-changing. So protect your wife or girlfriend by replacing your muffler guard if it gets damaged.

The worst burn I have seen from somebody touching a hot muffler was to a child of 2 years old. The driver sat on his motorcycle with the engine running while he was buying from a shop. The 2-year-old child walked up and tried to squeeze past the motorcycle and the wall to get to the shop to get candy. In doing so he put his hand on the muffler that was unprotected.

The child received extreme burns to his hand that needed hospital treatment and the owner of the motorcycle ended up paying a huge hospital bill. It would have been far cheaper for him to have replaced his muffler guard when it broke as it would have stopped the child from getting burnt.





TVS Dazz Muffler Guard Genuine TVS Part K6220910
tvs dazz muffler guard genuine tvs part k6220910

TVS Dazz Muffler Guard from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers Parts and Service. Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers is an authorised TVS Dealer.

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4 reviews for TVS Dazz Muffler Guard Genuine TVS Part K6220910

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    Dalawa ung binili ko ayos lahat, order pko ulit thank you seller 5 star k skin

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    okay na okay ang product tvs king kase tlaga. legit na orig.

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    di talaga ako binigo ni Tuk Tuk.. quality yung item pati na din yung pag kakarepacking makikita mo talaga na orignal yung item then .. yung delivery ambilis plus delivery for free 😍 thank you tvs i have one request lang sana .. benta na din kayo dito ng mga mugs and flearings

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    Gabriel S

    fast delivery. legit oem parts. thank you so much!

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