not a tricab or a tricycle

Tri- Must Go! Stop saying Tri – Tricab Shock!

We are struggling to stop authorities, enforcers and security guards thinking a Tuk Tuk is a tricycle and by using the term tri like Tricab and Triwheeler you are not helping.

Tri-wheeler, Tricab and many other words seem to be used frequently it seems like some are obsessed with the term tri and will even argue why it should be used.

Why is using Tri a problem?

The problem it causes is when you say tri people think tricycle if you say Tricab they think Tricycle Cab. Because the word tricycle is so commonly used people thing tri is just short for tricycle.

Some of us for the last 2 years have been trying to educate authorities, enforcers and security guards that the TVS King, Piaggio Ape and the Bajaj RE are not tricycles.

The reason why is showing itself now with the tricycle ban on national highways, they are including Tuk Tuk even when they should not be included.

Tri means three

I hear this argument so often from people that are obsessed with keeping the term tri. And to be honest it does not stand up.

Tri- comes from Latin and Greek, from Latin tres, Greek treis ‘three’. The English Language has borrowed a lot of words from Latin and Greek but in this case, we have not as the English call it a three-wheeler. Tri-wheeler is not a word and never is Tri-cab, but three-wheeler is a word.

For Tri means three to stand up as a good argument a car would need to be called a Tessera-cab or a Quattuor-cab. A six-wheel truck would become a exi-wheeler or a sex-wheeler, a ten-wheeler would be a theka-wheeler or a decem-wheeler.

Are you starting to see how stupid this claim is? If not start calling 18-wheelers thekaochto-wheelers or duodēvīgintī-wheelers.

It is your choice Tri or National Highways

We can not stop you using tri- but we can assure you are harming yourself and all Tuk Tuk drivers.

Please stop and think of the people that are fighting for your rights to drive your Tuk Tuks where you want. We have a hard enough fight without it being made harder by people using the term tri.

If for some reason you do not like the term Tuk Tuk or Three-Wheeler why not say tatlo-wheeler or tatlo-cab after all that is a word from your language, you are Filipino, not Greek.

A Tricab is not a Three-Wheeler

We can assure you Tricab is not a term for a three-wheeler, it is in fact the name of a tablet.

Tricab is a medicine used to treat bipolar disorder and mania it is also used to treat behavioural disorders. So it is a drug prescribed to people with mental health problems not a three-wheeled vehicle.

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