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How to Adjust the Clutch on a Bajaj RE to Avoid Damage

We explain how to Adjust the Clutch on a Bajaj RE Tuk Tuk.

Adjusting the clutch correctly on the Bajaj RE is very important, a clutch that is not adjusted correctly is the main reason for the gears being difficult to change.

Adjust the Clutch on a Bajaj RE

clutch adjuster bajaj re

The adjustment is just below the dashboard next to the steering column see photo. The best way to locate the correct cable is follow it down from the clutch lever. 

Loosen the locking nut and the adjust until there is just 4mm of play in clutch lever. In other words from the clutch being fully released you should be able to move it just 4mm before you feel it start tension on it. See Photos.

A major problem seems to be mechanics that are trained on motorbikes where the play is normally 12mm to 14mm and they adjust the clutch on the Bajaj RE the same as they would a motorbike, doing this means the clutch will not fully disengage making it difficult to change gear.

After adjusting do not forget to re-tighten the locking nut.

We see many owners that like their clutch very soft and sloppy with loads of play in it. Not only does this make it harder to change gear it also means the clutch is not disengaging fully.

A clutch that is not disengaging fully will cause the clutch to wear out quickly and could possibly lead to the gears being damaged, it will also cause higher fuel consuption.

While a soft clutch lever might feel more comftable to you it is definitely not more comftable on your wallet, as it is going to end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

So if you are one of the Bajaj RE drivers that have a soft clutch we strongly advice you Adjust the Clutch on your Bajaj RE

Video on how to Adjust the Clutch on a Bajaj RE

bajaj re clutch lever
Adjusting the play on the Bajaj RE clutch
bajaj re clutch fully released
Bajaj RE Clutch fully released
bajaj re clutch at point where tension is first felt
Bajaj RE clutch at point where tension is first felt is just 4mm.

4 thoughts on “How to Adjust the Clutch on a Bajaj RE to Avoid Damage”

  1. avatar of michael jon reincke
    Michael Jon Reincke

    My problem is that if I stop quickly before downshifting, and have shut off the engine, first I can’t start the engine n I can’t get it into neutral. Frustrating and embarrassing if in public. And rocking this big beast is difficult…impossible for my tiny wife! Hensel she won’t drive it!
    Any to make it so it will start in gear?

    1. avatar of gunda

      Same problem with !y Maxima Z!!!
      It’s really a no go!!!
      If you hear about a solution please post it.
      Inwinder that the mechanics at Bajaj are not able to fix this obviously common problem!

  2. avatar of michael jon reincke
    Michael Jon Reincke

    One, can I put 12in tires n wheels on a Maxima? Geared too low! Or can I get larger n stock tires?
    Also, where can I get 10in wheel covers?

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