clean and protect a tuk tuk roof

How to Clean and Protect a Tuk Tuk Roof

Clean and Protect a Tuk Tuk Roof . The vinyl roof of the auto-rickshaw can quickly become dull looking and commercial car washes make it even worse by leaving a film of chemical on the roof that makes it look dull.

There are many expensive products out there that are promoted on YouTube videos to do the job, however, you really do not need to d’best multi-purpose protectantspend a lot of money.

Clean and Protect a Tuk Tuk Roof

First, wash the roof at the same time you wash the TVS King, Piaggio Ape or Bajaj RE. A good car shampoo is all you need if the roof has ingrained dirt you can scrub it with a shoe brush (not too hard) as you wash it.

Rinse the roof very well to get rid of all the shampoo, then leather it dry.

Next, spray it with a Multi-purpose Protectant, I use D’Best Multi-purpose Protectant for Leather, Wood, Acrylics, Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic, which you can buy in most hardware shops in the malls for 128 pesos a bottle. One bottle lasts me about 6 months. Armor All has also been suggested, I have not used it myself but I suspect it is the same type of product.

You do not need to spray it all over just spray enough so when you wipe it with a microfibre cloth it will cover the area you are working on.

Wipe with microfibre cloth until it is even and leave to dry.

The roof of your Bajaj RE will look new and the vinyl will have a protective coating from the weather, it also keeps the vinyl soft and prevents it from cracking.

clean and protect a tuk tuk roof
Clean and Protect a Tuk Tuk Roof 

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  1. avatar of vinyl roof

    Clean and protect the roof of a tuk tuk. The auto-vinyl rickshaw’s roof may rapidly get dingy, and commercial vehicle washes exacerbate the problem by leaving a layer of chemicals on the roof that makes it appear dull. Thank you!

  2. avatar of janet mint

    Nice article. A good read for me. I have a newly bought tuk tuk too. I have been looking for blogs who could provide me with this kind of information. I will clean mine too.

    1. avatar of a ray

      Thank you, Janet Mint, for your comment. I’m glad that you found the article helpful and informative. It’s always important to keep the roof of your tuk tuk clean and protected to ensure its longevity and appearance. I hope that the tips provided in the article will be useful for you in maintaining your newly bought tuk tuk. Best of luck with your cleaning and protection efforts!

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