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No more Unleaded Gasoline in The Philippines

Do you still ask for unleaded gasoline?

If you do you are making a mistake and not telling the staff at the filling station what octane to use or what grade of gasoline to put in your tank.

The History of Leaded Gasoline in the Philippines

Before 2002, leaded gasoline was commonly used in the Philippines. This type of gasoline contained high levels of lead, which is a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems, particularly in children. Lead is also harmful to the environment, as it can contaminate soil and water.

The use of leaded gasoline in the Philippines contributed to air pollution and health problems, which prompted the government to take action.

The Mandate for Unleaded Gasoline

In 2002, the Philippine government mandated the use of unleaded gasoline to reduce the harmful effects of lead on the environment and public health. This decision was part of a larger campaign to improve air quality and reduce pollution in the country.

Under the mandate, all gasoline sold in the Philippines must be unleaded, and there is no longer a need to distinguish between leaded and unleaded gasoline.

The Redundancy of the Term “Unleaded”

Since the mandate for unleaded gasoline, the term “unleaded” has become redundant in the Philippines. All gasoline sold in the country in fact the whole world is now unleaded, and there is no longer a need to distinguish between leaded and unleaded gasoline.

A Worldwide ban on Leaded Gasoline

Leaded gasoline has been phased out in all countries and territories worldwide, and its use has been banned since 2021 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

This global phase-out of leaded gasoline is a significant achievement in the effort to reduce the environmental and health impacts of lead. Lead is a toxic substance that can cause severe health problems, particularly in children and is harmful to the environment.

The phase-out of leaded gasoline has been a long and ongoing process, with some countries have already banned the use of leaded gasoline decades ago, while others only recently did so. However, as of 2021, all countries have committed to phasing out leaded gasoline completely.

Unleaded is Obsolete

As a result, the term “unleaded” has become obsolete in all countries, as gasoline sold anywhere in the world is now unleaded by default. Therefore, referring to gasoline as “unleaded” is no longer necessary or relevant, it also sounds a bit stupid as that is the only gasoline there is.


In conclusion, the term “unleaded” is redundant in the Philippines because the country has been using unleaded gasoline exclusively since 2002. So stop making yourself seem out of date and out of touch by using the term Unleaded.

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