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What Gasoline you Should Use in a TVS King (TVS King Gasoline)

TVS King Gasoline what grade you should be using

Table of Contents

  1. TVS King Gasoline what grade you should be using
  2. TVS King Gasoline Why the Confusion?
  3. So what is the Name of the Grade of Gasoline I Should Use
  4. Why Leaded Gasoline is Banned
  5. The Notice in the TVS King about Fuel
  6. Why does TVS put Use unleaded petrol on the Notice
  7. Claim Using 91 RON stops it Overheating
  8. Damage to Engine
  9. Questions I often get asked

In the Philippines, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what gasoline you Should Use in a TVS King.

We take a look at why the confusion and confirm what gasoline you should be using in your TVS King.

Let us get straight to the point you should only use 95 Octane for TVS King Gasoline. Known in the Philippines as 95 RON. RON Stands for “Research Octane Number”.

Many owners seem to be using the wrong grade of gasoline and doing so could cause problems with your TVS King. More on this later.

TVS King Gasoline Why the Confusion?

The confusion comes about because many Filipinos incorrectly say Unleaded or Premium when referring to grades of Gasoline. They call 91RON unleaded and 95 RON premium.

This leads them to believe that only 91 RON is unleaded when the fact is all Gasoline today is unleaded.

Leaded Gasoline was banned in the Philippines in 2001 in fact you can no longer get leaded gasoline anywhere in the world.

tvs king gasoline
TVS King Gasoline Which Grade

So what is the Name of the Grade of Gasoline I Should Use

My advice is do not go by the name always go by the RON Number which should be on the pump.

Fuel companies do not help the situation, as some give different names to the grade of gasoline. That is why if you go by the RON number you won’t go wrong.

Why Leaded Gasoline is Banned

Leaded petrol causes heart disease, stroke and cancer. It also affects the development of the human brain, especially harming children, it is for that reason Leaded is now banned in every country in the world.

The Notice in the TVS King about Fuel

notice in tvs king
Notice about fuel in TVS King

There is a notice in front of the driver of the TVS King that for any other country would make it perfectly clear that the fuel to use is 95 Octane, but because of the incorrect terms used in the Philippines for gasoline makes it not so clear.

Number 2 on the notice says “Ensure 95 Octane Fuel”

The problem here is because in the Philippines they put RON on the pumps a lot of people are unaware that 95 RON in fact mean 95 Octane. So because some don’t understand what 95 Octane means they just go by number 4 on the notice.

Number 4 say “Use unleaded petrol”.

So they see the word unleaded and for them, it means 91 Ron or Regular, because they incorrectly call Gasoline types Unleaded or Premium. As they do not realise that 95 RON is also unleaded.

I am guessing some also get confused because it says Petrol, not Gasoline.

The correct name for Gasoline in English is Petrol because it is made from Petroleum.

The word Gasoline comes from a trademark so is not the correct term.

A British merchant used the trade name “Cazeline Oil” oil for the Petrol he was selling. The Cazeline company discovered someone in Dublin was selling fake Cazeline Oil and wrote to him to ask him to stop. He did not stop he just changed the C for a G and it became Gazeline oil and through the years the term changed to Gasoline.

Why does TVS put Use unleaded petrol on the Notice

When I saw it I did think why have TVS put “Use unleaded petrol” on the notice as it is no longer available.

After a quick search, I discover up until July 2021 leaded gasoline was available in some parts of Africa and Africa is a big market for the TVS King so that will be why they felt the need to put Use unleaded petrol on the notice.

Claim Using 91 RON stops it Overheating

There have been some claiming that using 91 RON makes the engine run cooler. There is no evidence of this claim but there is evidence that the exact opposite is true.

Lower octane fuels in fact make engines run hotter and higher octanes make them run cooler.

The reason why they run hotter on lower octane is simple.

High octane fuel is specially designed to burn cooler and slower than lower octanes. In an engine that is designed to run on higher octane one with high compression, the engine temperature and the high compression means low octane fuel often combusts before it should, resulting in severe and often irreparable engine damage and greatly reducing the lifetime of the engine.

High octane fuels essentially are harder to burn so will not combust until there is a spark from the spark plug meaning they combust at only the right time.

Damage to Engine

TVS King Gasoline how and why using the wrong grade can damage the engine.

The fact that lower octane fuel like 91 RON means it is possible it is combusting before it should, puts a huge strain on the engine parts and will cause damage over time.

Your piston is still coming up and the fuel combusts and you now have the force of the piston coming up fighting against the force of the explosion trying to force it down. It has the same effect as hitting your piston with a hammer thousands of times every minute.

Questions I often get asked

Q: Why will my TVS King not do 80kph when yours will do 85kph

A: There may be many reasons for this, but one of them is using the wrong grade of Gasoline. Mine has only ever used 95 RON, If you have been using 91 Ron changing to 95 RON might help your TVS King reach a higher speed but there is a chance the damage has already been done and it will never reach higher speeds.

Q: Why is my TVS King engine making a knocking noise?

A: If you are using 91 RON it could be why, higher octane fuels reduce knocking, the reason for the knocking is because 91 RON might be combusting to soon. Changing to 95 RON will help but again the damage might already be done.

Q: Why does my TVS King vibrate?

A: Again if you are using 91 RON for TVS King Gasoline will cause it to vibrate, see above for the reason.

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