tvs king person with disability

TVS King Person With Disability

TVS King Person With Disability

Is the TVS King a suitable mode of transport for a person with a disability?

Because of the upright position, you sit in the TVS King senior citizens that have tried the TVS both as a passenger or as a driver all comment how comfortable it is for them. The upright position also makes entering reasonably easy, and the same is true when they exit.

So what about persons with disability (PWD) is the TVS King as good for them as it is for senior citizens? This would depend on their disability, when it comes to PWD there is no one vehicle fits all as it depends on the disability.

Back Problem and TVS King

My first experience with a PWD in my TVS was with a friend of mine that has a back problem. At first look at the TVS, he said he would not be able to get in it because of his back and the fact he is 6 feet 2 inches tall. When his car broke down he contacted me and asked me if I could take him to a garage, he was shocked at how easy he found it to get in and out of the TVS and how comfortable it was for him. He found it more comfortable than his car.

Because of his back problem, he can not get in and out of tricycles or low cars, but the TVS King was not a problem for him.

Driving After an Operation

In the last few months, I have had two major operations that included a 9-inch cut going the length of my stomach.

The doctor told me after my first operation I could drive if it caused me no pain. I had only been out of the hospital a few days, and still had staples in my stomach and a colostomy bag. When we discovered the local drug stores did not stock the size of colostomy bag I needed, so we needed to travel to get them.

So I decided to try my TVS  (Tuk Tuk) to see if I could drive with no pain. I did not hold up a lot of hope as even sitting in an armchair was giving me discomfort.

I sat in the Tuk Tuk and discovered because it sat me so upright it was the first seat I had sat in since I left the hospital that was comfortable for me. So the next step was to try driving around the subdivision, I felt no pain in fact I found it very comfortable. So started using the Tuk Tuk for short journeys. Within a week I was going on longer journeys with no problem at all.

After my second operation, it was much the same and I was driving within 2 days of leaving the hospital.

Compared to a Car

The thing that shocked me happened about 3 weeks after my first operation, I had to make a journey of 50km so decided to get a Grab Car rather than risk driving myself.

Getting into the car caused me discomfort, and the laid-back seats meant I was uncomfortable for the whole journey. By the time we got home, I was in pain because of the seating position, despite the fact it was a very nice car with seats that my wife found very comfortable. I wished I had taken my Tuk Tuk it would have been far more comfortable.
It was this that started me thinking about the TVS King as a vehicle for PWD.

PWD Driving the TVS King

While the TVS King is good for passengers with a disability is the same true for a driver? This depends on the disability.

Most of the controls of the TVS are on the handlebars, accelerator, clutch, gears etc. The only thing that is controlled by the feet is the brake, which is controlled by the right foot. So if the disability is a problem with the left leg the PWD could drive the TVS King without any need for it to be adapted.

If the problem is with the right leg the TVS King would need to be adapted ever moving the brake to the left or changing it to a hand-operated brake. I have been told that both have been done and work fine.

I am also aware of a person that is in a wheelchair that drives a Tuk Tuk, he can get himself from the wheelchair into the Tuk Tuk without much problem.

So if you are a PWD and looking for a vehicle that will not break the bank and needs little or no adapting the TVS King could be ideal for you.

TVS King Person With Disability 4

TVS King vs Bajaj RE for PWD

I have driven both the Bajaj RE and the TVS King while for normal driving there is not a great deal between them when it comes to a person with a disability the TVS King comes out top. The fact the reverse gear is no the handlebars makes it much easier to get into reverse. On the Bajaj RE reverse gear and applying the handbrake takes a lot of bending where on the TVS King this is not the case.

Please check with LTO first as we are not sure on their rules for PWD.

TVS King Person With Disability

FAQs about TVS King as a suitable vehicle for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Q: Is TVS King specifically designed for persons with disabilities (PWD)?

A: No, TVS King is not specifically designed for PWDs. However, it has features and modifications that make it suitable and convenient for individuals with disabilities.

Q: What are some features of TVS King that make it suitable for PWDs?

A: TVS King has certain characteristics that happen to be beneficial for PWDs. It has a spacious cabin, allowing for ample legroom and comfortable seating. Additionally, it provides a smooth and stable ride experience for individuals with mobility challenges.

Q: Can TVS King accommodate a wheelchair?

Yes, there is room for a folded-up wheelchair.

Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the TVS King?

A: The TVS King does 30 to 35 kilometre per litre.

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