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TVS King Philippines Group Celebrate 10 Thousand Members

TVS King Philippines Facebook Group is run by Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers Parts and Services Corp. Is pleased to Celebrate reaching ten thousand members.

The team and Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers would like to thank all members that have joined and help us keep the group clean.

Thanks to All the Members of TVS King Philippines Group

A huge thanks to all those that have joined the group and for making it a friendly helpful group. It is great to see that when anyone asks for advice people jump in to help them.

Without such great members, the group would not be as good.

So a huge thanks to you all, I would like to thank you all by name but there is too many of you to list.

What makes TVS King Philippines Group Different?

The Group is run by people that have a real passion for Tuk Tuks. The main admin has had a love of Tuk Tuks for over 40 years. No other three-wheeler group in the Philippines has this.

If you have been in other groups for three-wheelers you will notice something different in the TVS King group.

While other groups get overwhelmed by spam and online sellers as they get bigger this has not happened with the TVS King group.

There are a few reasons why the group is not full of spam and adverts. Firstly is a high tech system that Facebook asked us to trial for them.

The system we use in the group prevents 90 percent of spam from being posted. The other 10% is quickly reported by members and removed.

Online Sellers Rules In TVS King Philippines Group

At Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers we believe in giving the best customer service and we want our members to be protected from bad sellers.

For this reason, we have strict rules about selling. The main one being the seller must be DTI registered so that customers have a come back if goods are faulty.

The next thing is sellers must prove they are registered with BIR, in other words, they must pay tax.

The reason for this is it is good for the Philippines if people avoid paying taxes the country will not prosper. It also avoids people undercutting prices because they don’t pay taxes.

The Future of TVS King Philippines Group

In the future when things get back to normal we have many plans for the group and many events that will really make the group stand out from the rest.

What are the events that will happen? Sorry, but because others might steal our ideas we will not announce what they are until we are ready and everything is in place. All we will say is there are exciting times ahead.

Will we be able to keep the group clean as it grows? The simple answer is yes we will, the reason being we have a one strike and you are out forever policy.

If anyone posts anything unrelated to TVS King we boot them out of the group and block them forever.

It is my experience the type of people that spam a group with unrelated content will keep on doing it no matter how much you warn them.

In fact they will try to turn members against the admin of the group and make personal attacks on anyone that tries to stop them.

Dealers do not reply in the Group

As we said before the group is run by Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers and it has nothing to do with any other TVS dealer.

While Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers will do our best to help you with mechanical problems we are unable to help you with other problems like registration, finance etc.

The reason why we can’t help you with these problems is we are not related to any other dealer in any way. These problems are beyond our control so need to be taken up with your dealer.

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