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Buying a Tuk Tuk? 10 Great Reasons to buy from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers

Buying a Tuk Tuk from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers

Buying a Tuk Tuk is a big investment and at Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers we set out from the start to give buyers a better experience.

We have experienced what it is like to buy a vehicle in Europe and what it is like to buy a Tuk Tuk in the Philippines, from our experience we realise there was room for improvement here and that is one of the many reasons we decided to start our own dealership. We believe we can give our customers the type of buying experience people in Europe get when buying a car.

We have made it easy for you to get a TVS King. You can apply online for a TVS King on Finance.

So far we have managed to archive 10 things that we believe sets us apart.

1: Our Passion for Tuk Tuks

We have a real passion for Tuk Tuks and have had a passion for Tuk Tuks for the last 40 years, we sell them because we love them, we drive a TVS King ourselves every day to work to the mall and for pleasure. How many dealers have a president that uses a Tuk Tuk to travel to work?

And it goes far beyond driving one ourselves, Tuk Tuks are a major part of our life, even our social life is built around these beautiful little three-wheelers.

The perfect weekend for us is to get in our TVS King, meet up with others in their Tuk Tuks and go for a long ride. Many weekends we will travel 500km in our TVS King Deluxe.

2: Presales Preparation

When you get a TVS King from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers it is cleaned polished and waxed, marks, stickers, tape put on at the factory are removed and it looks the same as if you were buying an expensive car.

We strongly believe that when you get your TVS King it should be in the same condition you would expect if you bought a new luxury car.

3: Quick Registration

We will register your vehicle and you will get the OR/CR within 7 days.

When you buy a new vehicle of any type you want to be able to drive it legally as soon as possible, people do not want to worry about their new vehicle not being registered.

That is why we do everything we can to get your new TVS King registered as quickly as we can. We say 7 days but often it will be registered in just 3 days.

4: Full Range of Parts Stocked

Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers stock a full range of TVS King parts.

We realise that having spare parts readily at hand is important that is why we have a huge parts department and stock all the parts you might need.

We believe that when Buying a Tuk Tuk our customers should get the style of service that people in Europe get and we would be unable to do that without a large parts department.

5: Top Mechanics

We have some of the best TVS King mechanics in the Philippines.

When Buying a Tuk Tuk you need to be sure that the dealer has very experienced mechanics and that is why at Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers we employ experienced mechanics that have years of knowledge.

6: Free Service Vouchers Honoured

When you buy from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers you receive four free service vouchers in the owners manual and we will honour them.

7: Comfortable Waiting Area

While the paperwork is being done or you are having a service, we have a comfortable waiting area for you to wait in with free coffee always at hand.

8: Warranty Fulfiled

We will always fulfil the warranty agreement.

9: Full Tank of Gasoline

You get a full tank of Gasoline when you buy a TVS King from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers.

10: Home Service Available

When you need a service we will send a mechanic to you so you do not need to travel to us.

3 thoughts on “Buying a Tuk Tuk? 10 Great Reasons to buy from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers”

  1. avatar of roland schlenker
    Roland Schlenker

    Hello there i am enquire about a purchase of a Tuk Tuk 3 wheeler to start up a small business in the Philippines.
    I am after some information about price warranty on the Tuk Tuk and service and maintenance of this type of vehicle. I am in the Dapitan City area Zamboanga.
    Could you please forward some information
    of cost to purchase outright this 3 wheeler
    What coulour dose it come in and the specification of the car.
    I thank you for your information and looking forward to your reply.
    yours sincerely
    Roland Schlenker

  2. avatar of michael reincke
    Michael Reincke

    I have ridden 2, 3 n 4wheelers for 56 years. Thinking of a tuktuk this time.
    Is the front driver’s seat comfortable enough for longer rides? Had a Chariot. Not comfy!
    Really can it legally, safely n comfortably travel on national highways.
    Been told they don’t stand up well to salt air here?
    Can you get or convert the top into a convertible?
    Most powerful engine available?
    Are all the brands comparable?
    Michael Reincke

    1. avatar of allan r

      Hi Michael I ride a TVS King for long distances and I am 64 years old and had major operations and I still find it comfortable. In fact, 3 days after coming out of hospital I discovered riding in my friends car caused a lot of pain but when I tried my TVS King it was comfortable. Legally they are allowed on National highways. However, you do get the odd enforcer that presumes because they have 3 wheels they fall under the same law as a tricycle, but that law states that a tricycle is a motorcycle with sidecar. In 5 years of riding them here, I have been stopped about 6 times and not once have I been given a ticket and I refuse to bribe enforcers. I do carry a copy of the law and I point out what the law says and they back down.
      Salt air does seem to be a problem with some brands, but I have not noticed it with the TVS King, the panels on the TVS King are much thicker than they are on other brands which helps.
      As for the most powerful engine if you go by cc the Bajaj Maxima has the most with a 236cc engine, However, with a top speed of 60kph and poor acceleration, it by no means gets more power onto the road. I have tested all 3 of the major brands, I had a Bajaj for 3 years before I switched to TVS King after testing it I was so impressed. Acceleration and hill-climbing it leaves the other brands standing. You can see where I have compared them on my Youtube channel
      Making the top convertible. I have not seen it done here but I have seen where it has been done in other countries.
      If you decide to get one I think you will be very impressed compared to a rusi chariot.
      If you want to know more call on the phone numbers at the bottom of the page and ask to speak to Allan. I am British so no language problem.

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