bajaj re handlebar grip

How to Fix the Bajaj RE Handlebar Grip Easy Fix

The Bajaj RE handlebar grip seems to have inherited a problem that its relatives the Lambretta and Vespa scooters were renowned for and that is the handlebar grips come lose and start to slip-off or twist.

It is not surprising the Bajaj RE suffers the same problem as the Vespa as so much of the Bajaj RE is based on the knowledge Bajaj Auto picked up when they were making Piaggio scooters and 3-wheelers under license back in the 1960s and 70s.

The problem with the handgrip losing its grip on the handlebars normally happens first on the left side because it gets a lot of pressure when changing gear.

When it becomes loose it makes changing gear harder as you have to relies on pulling the clutch lever up and down to change gear, this also in time will damage the clutch lever if you do not stop your handlebar grip from slipping.

It can also be dangerous if it slips off altogether when you are driving. I once had this happen on a Lambretta scooter when trying to avoid someone who pulled in front of me, not a great time to have a handgrip come off leaving you steering with one hand while trying to avoid crashing.

Easy to Fix Bajaj RE Handlebar Grip

The good thing is there is an old, cheap and simple fix that we used to use back in the 1970s on our scooters and it works just as well on a Bajaj RE.

Firstly pull of the rubber handlebar grip.

degrease the handlebar

You will probably find the metal underneath is covered in grease. The only reason I can think of for the grease being there is to make it easy to get the grips on in the factory, it is something they have done for years and is not a great idea as it is one of the things that leads to the problem.

You need to clean of the grease a bit of washing powder in a small amount of water does the job great. Wipe it off with a rag soaked in the water.

The inside of the hand grip also needs degreasing. You can do this by putting your washing powder and water mix in a bowl and swishing the handlebar grip around inside it. Next push a cloth in side it and spin it round.

Rinse and leave to dry.

When it is dry spay hairspray inside the rubber Bajaj RE handlebar grip and also spray it on the metal the grip will slide on too. Before you do this cover your dash so it does not get hairspray on it.

bajaj handgrip hairspray

The hairspray helps lubricate it so the handlebar grip is easy to push on.

spay hairspray on handlebar

Make sure you push it all the way on and then leave it to dry for 2 to 3 hours.

The job is done and your Bajaj RE handlebar grip will no longer slip.

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