prince william in a tuk tuk

Prince William in a Tuk Tuk

Prince William in a Tuk Tuk? When Prince William and his wife Kate arrived at a reception hosted by the British High Commissioner to Pakistan in Islamabad, they did so in style, their means of transport was a Tuk Tuk also known as an Auto Rickshaw.

It seems the British think the Tuk Tuk is safe enough for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, yet in the Philippines, LTO thinks the Tuk Tuk is not safe enough to be on a national highway.

This is the second time in the last few months that members of the Royal family have travelled in Auto Rickshaws the first being when Prince Charles and his wife travelled in a Tuk Tuk at an event in London.

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  1. avatar of bob

    These people in the PHILIPPINES wouldn’t know what safe is even if you prove it. JEEPNEY people hanging off them riding on top. Trikes overloaded to the max. Buses and Boats are just as bad. Driving over here is like driving in a bumper car ride in amusement park. International traffic laws out the window. I use to own a trike but now I own a Tuk Tuk and it a lot safer.

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