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TVS Kargo Pickup (Open Tray) the Perfect Small Cargo Carrier

The TVS Kargo Pickup which is the cargo carrier of the TVS King is now available from Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers, KM 29 Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Salitran 2, Dasmariñas, Cavite. Opposite Honda Cars Phone: 09515506787 or 09772336962.

The price of the pickup version which is known as the open tray version is P210,000.

TVS Kargo Pickup an Ideal Delivery Truck

The TVS Kargo Open Tray as it is known is ideal for soft-drink delivery, water station delivery, general groceries, builders, egg delivery, and much more.

On driving the TVS Kargo Pickup for the first time it hit me straight away what a nice drive it is. Everything about the pickup seemed to be perfectly balanced. And as is true of all TVS Three-Wheelers it had plenty of power to do the job.

My first test drive of the Dropside TVS was at Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers branch at Antipolo so it was a good chance to test it on the hills. The dropside simply flew up the hills and even on steep hills I was going from a standing start and still quickly managing to get through all the gears and into fourth gear.

I found the driver’s seat to be very comfortable and the cabin was roomy and getting in and out was easy.

The TVS pickup now has two lockable glove compartments in the dashboard layout making it more secure when you have to leave it to make your delivery.

Reversing the TVS Pickup

For a delivery truck, the TVS system of having the reverse on the twist grip really comes into its own.

Anyone that has ever been involved with deliveries knows there is a huge amount of reversing in a day especially when doing multiple deliveries. So the system on other brands of Three-Wheelers of putting it into neutral reaching down for a lever and then putting it back in gear is time-consuming and tiring.

In the TVS Kargo Pickup it is just a case of twist the twist grip and reverse.

tvs kargo dropside
TVS Kargo Pickup Outside Tuk Tuk 3-Wheelers Antipolo


tvs kargo cab
TVS Kargo Pickup (Open Tray) the Perfect Small Cargo Carrier 7
The driver’s cabin is spacious so the driver can sit in a comfortable position. The roof made of high quality material will protect the driver from the sun and rain.


Duralife Engine engine technology with the placement of the engine position behind the vehicle produces greater power, the engine is more durable and more fuel efficient.

The machine is designed specifically for commercial purposes “TRANSPORT GOODS AND PASSENGERS”.

tvs kargo pickup (open tray) the perfect small cargo carrier tvs king number one for perfomance
TVS Kargo Pickup (Open Tray) the Perfect Small Cargo Carrier 8

Engine Specs

TVS Kargo Open Tray Chassis

tvs cargo chassis
TVS Kargo Pickup (Open Tray) the Perfect Small Cargo Carrier 9

Semi Monochrome frame with the use of Trailing Arm and double shock absorbers on the rear suspension. The frame is designed to be sturdy and strong to be able to support heavy loads making the vehicle more stable, comfortable and agile in manoeuvring.

4-Stoke Engine Type, SOHC
Cylinder Capacity 199.26 CC
Single Cylinder Arrangement, Vertical
Diameter x Step 62mm x 66mm
Maximum Power 6.40 kW @ 5250 rpm
Maximum torque of 14.95 kW @ 3250 rpm
Carburettor Fuel System
4 Speed Manual Transmission System, 1 Reverse
Wet Coupling Type Compound Type


DC – TCI Ignition System
Electric and Manual Starter System
MF – 12V 32Ah battery type


7.5 Litre Tank Capacity
Type of Petrol Fuel 95 Ron

Dimensions, Weights, Capacity

Length x Width x Height 2930 mm x 1300 mm x 1694 mm
Dimensions of Body 1530 mm x 1320 mm x 475 mm
Wheelbase 1985 mm
The lowest distance to land is 158 mm
JBB / JBKB 645 Kg
Vehicle Empty Weight 380 Kg
Carrying Capacity 265 Kg

Suspension and Wheels

Trailing Arm Front Suspension Type
Trailing Arm Rear Suspension Type
Hydraulic Automatic Drum Front Brakes
Hydraulic Automatic Drum Rear Brakes
Front Tyre Size 4.00 – 8 6PR
Rear Tyres Size 4.00 – 8 6PR

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  1. avatar of fortunatus fundi
    Fortunatus Fundi

    Thanks for your advice against wrong thounghts n TVS king, On isue to how long or what sholuld I make my Two TVS KING last longer and what is the life span of th units?

    1. avatar of allanr

      Keep it clean and have regular maintenance by a TVS Mechanic and it should last years, We know of TVS King in other countries that still run well and look good that are 12 years old.

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