fitting a steering wheel in a tuk tuk

Fitting a Steering Wheel in a Tuk Tuk TVS King – Bajaj RE

A lot of people are fitting a steering wheel in their Tuk Tuk so we thought we would take a look at this.

I am sorry to inform you that if you have fitted a steering wheel to your TVS King or Bajaj RE you have made a legal vehicle illegal.

Department of Transportation and Communications


08 September 2010

Subject: Harmonization of Motor Vehicle (MV) Classifications of LTO and LTFRB

Section 5, Number 5.2 of the Order states: “The modifications involving safety and environment shall not be allowed, such as the following: Axle modification; Chassis modification; Extended chassis/body; Additional siding of dump trucks; Extended overhang; Change of rim size; Modification of handle bar and muffler; and Reconfiguration of body dimension and design.”

It clearly states you are not allowed to modify the handle bar. Even with their poor English Handlebar is one word not two. It is still the law.

So if you change the handlebars of your Tuk Tuk for a steering wheel you could be fined or have your Tuk Tuk impounded.

It does not stop there, with the new PMVIC vehicle checks required by LTO to renew your registration they will probably refuse to renew the registration.

LTO are spoiling it for people.

I am in no way a fan of LTO much of what they do or often don’t do seems crazy to me but when it comes to the PMVIC and stopping such modifications they are spot on and it is something they should have done years ago.

Annual Vehicle Inspection in other Countries

In most countries they have had an annual vehicle inspection to make sure vehicles are safe and in a roadworthy condition since the 1960s. It is something that is important to save lives.

You only have to look at the road death rates per country to see that annual vehicle inspections save a lot of lives.

In the UK the death rate per 100,000 vehicles is 5.7, in Germany it is 6.4 both these countries have annual vehicle inspections.

In the USA it is only some States that require an annual vehicle inspection in many it is only required when the vehicle is sold. And the death rate is 14.2 deaths per 100,000 vehicles which is more than double the UK and Germany.

In the Philippines where they only checked for Emissions it really shows why annual vehicle inspections are needed with 135 deaths per 100,000 vehicles.

What would happen if people in Other Countries Replaced Handlebars for Steering Wheels

In many countries if you made such a change of Fitting a Steering Wheel in a Tuk Tuk you would have problems a long time before the annual vehicle inspection.

In fact you would be lucky if you managed to travel 10 to 20km before you got stopped and had your vehicle impounded.

Even worse it would not end at having your vehicle impounded you would also receive a big fine and have points put on your driving licence that if you get enough points you lose your license.

A Steering Wheel will Void your Warranty

You can be pretty sure that any warranty you have on your three-wheeler will be void if you decide to alter the controls in anyway.

A Warranty only covers the vehicle if it is the same as when it left the factory any modifications voids that warranty.

Any Accident Becomes Your Fault

In the eyes of the law if you have made illegal modifications to your vehicle and you are involved in an accident, the fact that your vehicle has what they regard as unroadworthy modifications you will be to blame.

If someone is injured you could find yourself having to pay their medical bill for years to come or even for the rest of your life.

Insurance Void

You might think but my insurance will cover their medical bills, but this would not be the case because the modification you made will make your insurance void, so they will refuse to pay out.

Fitting a Steering Wheel in a Tuk Tuk Conclusion

If you are thinking about Fitting a Steering Wheel in your Bajaj, TVS King or Piaggio Ape don’t it is illegal and is likely to cost you a lot of money.

There is a very good chance that when it is time to renew the registration it will be refused and your hard-earned money you spent buying your three-wheeler will have all been wasted.

6 thoughts on “Fitting a Steering Wheel in a Tuk Tuk TVS King – Bajaj RE”

  1. avatar of andy

    Pano naman kung ang clutch ilagay sa paa or ang silinyador magiging ilegal parin ba PAg dating sa LTO?

    1. avatar of job villasor
      job villasor

      A very good question. The concern of our law enforcers is safety of the vehicle and the riders including the driver. If the modification results to something that makes driving difficult compared to the manufacturer’s original design, then it must not be tolerated, But if the modification makes driving more safer and convenient, should it not be allowed? For example the side rear mirrors. The original manufacture’s side rear mirrors are small and the driver could hardly view the vehicles following at the back and so the driver or operator opted to install a bigger side mirrors just enough to view the vehicles following at the back, could it not be tolerated or allowed? The same thing with the clutch lever from hand clutch to pedal clutch. For me I consider pedal clutch more safer and more convenient than hand clutch because in hand clutch you don’t only press the clutch lever but you also have to make a shift on the gear using the same hand. Other drivers may prefer the hand clutch and consider it more convenient for them. So it means it is a case to case basis. If operators or drivers modified their three wheeler vehicle’s clutch lever from hand to pedal it is obvious that for them it is more convenient and therefore safer for as long as the quality of work in the modification is very good. I just hope that not all modifications should be considered as illegal.

  2. avatar of arcee marquez
    Arcee Marquez

    How about a single motorcycle attached by 2 wheels on both side? Its like tricycle but passenger is at the back not on the side?

  3. avatar of paul castro

    Why hinuhuli ng mga pilice khit private na tuktuk sa iligan. Despite meron na DOTR MEMO ADMISTRATIVE ORDER 2021-006

    1. avatar of yonelyn raymond
      Yonelyn Raymond

      Because peopole do not appeal against their tickets, so the enforcers get away with enforcing what they think is law, but is not law.

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