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6 Myths about the TVS King Deluxe Debunked

Myth: Nobody knows if the TVS King is durable and will last over time as it is new.

The Truth: TVS has been making three-wheelers since 2008 and many of the first ones are 12 years old and still on the road. TVS Motor Company has a long history of making reliable parts for the automotive industry and many top brands of cars have TVS parts in them. In 1972 TVS formed an industry collaboration with Clayton Dewandre Holdings, United Kingdom and started to make auto parts. Some of the Automotive companies TVS makes parts for are VW, Ford, Daimler Trucks, GM, Isuzu, Hyundai, BMW, Honda, DAF, Kenworth, Volvo, Renault, Mack and many more.

Myth: The TVS is made with parts from Bajaj.

The Truth: To our knowledge, no part of the TVS King is made by Bajaj, however, there are parts of the Bajaj RE that is made by TVS Group. TVS Make their own chassis, body and engine. The engine is very different to that of the Bajaj.

Myth: The TVS King is not good at climbing hills.

The Truth: This has been put to the test many times with everybody that tested it coming to the same conclusion, and that is the TVS King climbs faster than every other vehicle in the same class. When we tested it on a 1.8 km climb the TVS did it 25 seconds quicker than its competitors.

Myth: The TVS King will overheat on a long journey as it has no oil cooler.

The Truth: The cooling system on a TVS King is very different from a Bajaj it does not need an oil cooler because it has a fan to cool the engine, also because it has a jet that sprays oil under the piston it means there is less friction so produces less heat.

Myth: The TVS King is slow.

The Truth: Compared to other Tuk Tuks it is far from slow we found that it out accelerated the two main competitors by a long way, it has a top speed of 80kmp with many owners reporting they have gone faster, I had a TVS doing 80 kph with just three-quarters of the throttle used, and I am sure it would have done more.

Myth: TVS King is an E-Trike.

The Truth: The fact that the TVS King is fitted with a 200cc gasoline engine is a sure sign it is not an E-Trike as the E stands for electric and an electric vehicle is powered by an electric motor, other giveaways are the exhaust pipe and the noise it makes.

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